Too much snow for a snowman

The winter of 1946-47 saw record snowfalls in Britain. As a 7-year-old boy in hilly Wales, it was sheer joy — and never mind the transport shutdown and electricity crisis as power stations ran out of coal.







As a 7-year-old boy in hilly Wales, it(S1) was(V1) sheer joy(C1) — and never mind(V2) the transport shutdown(O2) and electricity crisis(O2) as power stations(S3) ran out of(V3) coal(O3).


snowman <名>雪だるま、snowfall <名>降雪 ->降雨はrainfall、hilly <形>丘陵の -><名>hill、sheer <副>全く、mind <動>気になる 心配する、shutdown <名>停止

run out of ~ ~を使い果たす