Reactor shutdowns nine months away

Tokyo Electric Power Co. announced Sunday that it will take six to nine months to complete a cold shutdown of the damaged reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, while the United States proposed a daring plan to use a remote-controlled helicopter and cranes to pluck out their spent fuel rods.







while <接> 一方では~、propose <動>提案する、daring <形>大胆な、pluck out<動>引き抜く、spent <形>使い果たした<動>spendの過去分詞



propose = pro(=before)+pose(置く)→前に置く⇒提案する、申し込む

compose = com(=together)→共に置く⇒作る、作曲する

dispose = dis(ばらばらに)→ばらばらに置く⇒処理する、配置する

expose = ex(外に)→外に置く⇒露出する、さらす

impose = im(上に)→上に置く⇒課す、課税する